Nidhogg 2 Comes to Xbox One in July

Nidhogg 2 is coming to Xbox One, and it’s bringing two exclusive, new levels with it! Players will take the fight to Messhof Corporate Headquarters and the Elevated Train, filling out TPS reports using the fluids of your beaten enemies. Injecting terror into your daily commute is a small price to pay. Prepare for a simple game of tug-of-war, in which “simple” means “filled with sharp objects intended to puncture your enemies.” Stab, cleave and impale anyone that dares stand in your way as you seek glorious sacrifice to the wurm at the other end of the screen. Nidhogg 2 will bring new weapons, levels, customization, character customization options, alongside the grotesquely captivating art style of Toby Dixon. Nidhogg 2 is live on PC and Playstation 4 but is coming to Xbox One on July 19th. It’s also on the way to the Nintendo Switch in the future!

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  • Nidhogg II Trailer

    The infamous tug-of-war multiplayer stabby-action game is back and better than ever.