Nowhere Prophet Coming to PC in 2019 from No More Robots

Developed by Sharkbomb Studios and published by No More Robots, Nowhere Prophet is an Indian-infused digital dustpunk card game and launches this summer. Nowhere Prophet hits PC/Linux/Mac in 2019, and console in 2020. There’s also a closed beta that can be signed up for here. Nowhere Prophet is a tale of hope and is set years after “The Crash”, where a complete technological collapse occurs.

There’s finally a bit of light in all of this darkness, and as the Nowhere Prophet, you must lead your convoy to peace. Nowhere Prophet is a card battler that uses card-based combat and a tactical battle board and humanizes the Prophets followers using the card system. Your hand and deck are your followers, and recruiting new followers (or losing them to the wilderness) will constantly shift how your deck plays.

Procedurally generated maps give you a new journey each time you play, while 10 different convoys, more than 300 cards to find, and four Prophet classes will offer different ways to approach each time you play.

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