Pacer – Satawald, Germany Track Teaser

R8 Games, developers of the upcoming anti-gravity combat racer, Pacer, revealed a new track today, set in Germany. Called “Satawald”, it is set among forested mountains, and will showcase the gorgeous 4K-native visuals coming with Pacer.

As with all tracks, Satawald is playable in both day and night modes. In night mode, neon lights glow brightly, casting glistening reflections on the track and while in the day glints of sunlight sparkle off the wet track in gorgeous 4K as racers speed through exotic locales at 60fps. Reverse and mirror modes will also be available, offering 8 total ways to race each track. Pacer will also launch with 14 tracks, and five customizable craft, and wishes to capture the spirit of the 1990s anti-gravity racers. Pacer will also launch this winter on Steam.

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