Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade Eldar Trailer

“We bring only death” come the haunting words of the Eldar.  Warhammer: 40k Eternal Crusade newest faction will be the Eldar! Want to know more? Just go right here!

Destiny: Rise of Iron Official Trailer

The next expansion of Destiny, Rise of Iron is coming! A new cinematic story takes us to the Plaguelands, a new Earth location. I’m most looking forward to the six player raid though!

War Thunder Update 1.59 ‘Flaming Arrows’

War Thunder‘s new video for ‘Flaming Arrows’, Patch 1.59 is live! Learn more about more hangars, ATGM Armed Vehicles, new vehicles on the ground and air, and much more!

Bottom Tier News Update Vol. 2

Attention, Internet! Every so often I use my bully pulpit to talk about stuff near and dear to me. And sometimes it’s just to shamelessly promote the YouTube channel I co-run, partnered with MMO...

KINETIK Kickstarter Video

Alumni from Sony Online Entertainment are coming together to produce a shooter with FPS and MMO Qualities! Raiding, shooting, acquiring loot and shooting the crap out of things! With a Rock-Paper-Scis...

Watch Dogs 2: E3 Cinematic Reveal 2016

The first sneak peak at the cinematics of Watch Dogs 2 was launched today! Sneak, hack, dodge authority and usurp control and much much more await us!

Injustice 2: Official Trailer

Some poor schlub at Gamestop may have leaked it early, but that’s okay! Because we didn’t! Check out the official trailer for the newest DC fighter, Injustice 2! #Supergirl

Skyforge: Akonita Trailer

Skyforge has a new enemy in Akonita! Brilliant, devious, and quite evil, this new foe will challenge denizens of Aelion!  Find out more here!

Loli: The Death of MMOs and Good Sense

Let’s talk weird shit today! I hope you’re ready. Now some of you might be asking, “Ragachak, what’s Loli?”  and I will feel deep shame for having to explain it. So here...
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