TOP MMO FPS Shooters


Check the top MMO FPS games available right now! Titles include: Cross Fire, Combat Arms, Gunz Online and Alliance of Valiant Arms.

Combat Arms Kill Creek Fly By


Players get their chance to cruise down to Kill Creek, a new map being added to Combat Arms, as part of the game’s upcoming update.

Funtasy Gameplay Video


Funtasy Online is an extremely cute Chinese game full of rainbow colors. The original title was Rainbow Bubbles. Yes, Rainbow Bubbles. Don't judge too fast, the game is worth a try!

SUN Memoirs of the Shadow


When it is time for the fallen souls to arise from their deserted bodies, a lost child from demon lineage, shall return. The spirits of the damned will find you.

Regnum New Character Design


Some time ago Regnum released its new character design. Just take a look when they put the old and the new side by side  and see which one creates the better result.