Gloria Victis: Early Access Trailer

Exciting open-world combat is coming with Gloria Victis! Non-target combat, lots of skill-based PVP and much much more is coming to the game! Check out the early access trailer!

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Trailer

The International Edition of FFXII is coming back, with the title “The Zodiac Age”!  It may not be coming out for a while, but this trailer will surely bring back fond memories and a bit ...

Lawbreakers: Killer Verticality #3 – The Titan

Time for another episode of “Killer Verticality” where we learn a little something about Lawbreakers “Titan” class. Rockets, Force Lightning, and lots of shenanigans! Check &#...

Star Wars: TOR: Chapter 14: Mandalore’s Revenge

The newest chapter of the Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion, “Knights of the Fallen Empire” is now live! Chapter 14, Mandalore’s Revenge brings a new Bounty Hunter to the scene,...

King of Fighters XIV: Team Art of Fighting

King of Fighters XIV is bringing another squad to the table for the upcoming fighter! Team Art of Fighting! Once upon a time it was its own game, but Ryo, Robert and Yuri are bringing the beatdown to ...

Candidate Crunch Trailer

Lots of people are frustrated with the presidential system in America, past and present. Candidate Crunch is looking to make things just a little bit more fun. With Presidents, Candidates, skins, and ...

Anima: Gate of Memories Launch Trailer

Anima: Gate of Memories is a third-person perspective RPG with a focus on action-based combat and exploration. Bearers of an ancient society, the Bearer and Ergo kick asses and wander this beautiful w...

Neverwinter: PS4 Announcement Trailer

Players have been clamoring for it, and Perfect World responded! PlayStation 4 is going to be getting Neverwinter! The Sony fans will be able to have their own incredible fantasy adventure!

Neverwinter: Storm King’s Thunder Trailer

Bryn Shander is the next big [pun intended] destination in Neverwinter! Giants are back, and they aren’t happy at all! Join forces with the likes of Wulfgar, Cattie-brie and more!  For more inf...
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