Eudemons 4th Anniversary


Eudemons celebrates its 4th anniversary this June, with three new classes, new pets and new mounts.

FIFA Online Trailer


Everything you wanted from FIFA Football is right here, all the time! Just in time for the World Cup!

CosmicBreak Trailer


CosmicBreak is a 3D MMO third person shooter featuring anime style characters/mecha and a high level of player character customization.

Huxley Team Battles


Never underestimate your enemies, even if they look like little girls. The combat is super fast and you need to take in account everything at the same time. Enough challenge?

Kingdom Heroes Trailer


The Han Dynasty ruled ancient China for hundreds of years. Fight for power in large scale kingdom wars!

Top 5 Sport MMOs


Love Sports and MMOs? Check out these ass kicking sport games among the top of the line!

Combat Arms: Cabin Fever


Are you about to let the cabin fever get to you? The dark days are long, and the season doesn’t seem to end. Meanwhile, you are convinced you are being chased. Did you hear something?

Allods: Revelations of Gipat


Players from both factions will be able to complete a quest line at level 21, in order to obtain a trusty steed.