LawBreakers Gamescom Recap 2016

Gamescom was amazing this year! And for those of you who missed out on the action, the LawBreakers team put together a recap video!

Verdun PS4 Release Trailer

Hot WW1 action just came to the PlayStation 4 in the form of Verdun! World War 1 combat is pretty rare these days and Verdun may be the one to challenge Battlefield 1!

Gods of Rome – Osiris

Osiris, the Broken God of the Afterlife is coming to Rome! He’s bringing the pain and dragging the other Gods down with him.

SMITE Lore Ep. 80 – Who is Izanami?

Nevercake saves the day again! Today in SMITE Lore, he takes a look at the upcoming Izanami! Learn all about her in two minutes or less.

Paragon – Card Update .30.2

New epics are coming from Epic! Paragon‘s got some new card updates coming in .30.2, and you should check them out!

Fallout 4 – Vacationing in Nuka-World

Nuka-World, America’s greatest vacation spot isn’t quite what it used to be, but it’s exciting and packed with thrills nonetheless! Want to see what Fallout 4 has coming? Here you go...
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