Star Wars: Designing the Dark Side


Splitting up the two syth achetypes of Inquisitor (the mastermind) and Warrior (the powermonger) requires plenty designing decisions!

Project Empire Trailer


The first official trailer of the upcoming Project Em (Em stands for Empire), made by Perfect World. It is filled with promising qualities.

GhostX Video Review


Time to transform yourself into an anime action hero, get ready for some button-smashing!

Mabinogi Zardine Hot Springs


Ever thought going to the Hot Springs was cheesy? Well Mabinogi proves it’s cheesy and fun at the same time. You know who else likes hot springs? Monkeys!

TLBB Europe Game Trailer


An amazing upcoming game, TLBB Europe (known internationally as Dragon Oath) is coming soon. Take a look at all that the game has to offer!

Berkanix Official Trailer


Berkanix is a sci-fi game that looks like it comes from the future, the graphics are just that stunning. People are geared out with heavy armor suits or transformer suits, with a visual quality that looks like game artwork. They group up together against the wild beasts of the future, like never seen before!

Parabellum: Explosive


Parabellum is a high-paced shooter with high explosive value to the gameplay. Develop the right skill and your enemies will be sitting ducks.

Fantasy Tennis Video Review


Watch the official Fantasy Tennis Video Review and take a look at the well-designed courts, hard to learn shots and funny gear!

LOTRO: Mirkwood


The day of the siege is nearing. Sauron’s armies are getting closer, but the armies of Middle Earth will not sit still. They will fight in the forests and the hills. Let the war come!

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