Regnum Online Tech Update trailer


NGD Studios has dedicated an internal team to developing a new MMO game engine, codenamed NG3D2.0. NG3D2.0 means the Regnum Online community can expect another major release for Regnum Online in Q4 2009, as NGD is already hard at work to implement this next generation technology to push Regnum Online to the next level.

S4 League: Onrpg Video Review


S4 League is a stylish action manga game where different elements like sports, eSper and strategy combine. This is the first official Onrpg video review, made by one of our own members; Elvisqwq. Discuss what you think of the Onrpg video review here.

Darkfall Online trailer


A video trailer for the new P2P MMORPG Darkfall! Take a look at the game that is getting the attention from all the PvP lover! Watch the video now!

City of Heroes going Rogue trailer


Going Rogues is the newest expansion for the popular MMORPG City of Heroes! As the name implies, Going Rogue will blur the line between heroes and villains in the first and longest-running super-powered comic book MMO game. Watch the trailer!

World Of Warcraft Ulduar trailer


A long video showing many of the great features that you can find in Ulduar, one of the latest dungeon who have been added to World Of Warcraft! Watch this excellent video!

Mir 2 New Trailer


The second official trailer for the upcoming free MMORPG Mir 2: The Legend Continues! Join a big community and have fun playing this legendary MMO!

Ace Online trailer


Ace Online is a free-to-play MMORPG, 3D shooter. Ace Online is largely PvP oriented with various type of combat systems available such as Raids, Mothership Battles and more. Watch the video to learn more!

Wonderking trailer


Planned for release in the second half of 2009, WonderKing is an unconventional free MMORPG for gamers of all skill level. The beta is scheduled to launch early this summer. Watch the video to learn more!

HolyBeast Online trailer


HolyBeast Online is an upcoming free MMORPG with many interesting features! Take a look at this nice trailer and get ready for the Open Beta starting on May 21st 2009!

Aion Eltnen Zone Tour


Enter the world of Aion! Watch this video overview of the Eltnen zone from the much anticipated upcoming MMORPG Aion: The Tower Of Eternity and enjoy its great graphic!

Dragonica Thief trailer


Watch the Thief class in action! It’s one of the four starting classes of the upcoming 3D sidescrolling free MMORPG Dragonica from the game portal.

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