Tales of Fantasy Gameplay Trailer


Capture beasts and train them to be your mounts - that's right Tales of Fantasy is all about mounted combat! Shoot your bow and arrow from horseback, slash down your enemies and even heal from the safety of your beast.

Camon Hero Gameplay


Camon Hero offers cute flashy combat to dream the day away. Make sure you find the rare cards to create your own personal bodyguards and unleash even more power!

Bright Shadow Class Video


Bright Shadow offers various cute classes, but do not underestimate them in battle. Take a look at Shamans, Machinists, Mages, Warriors and more, to decide what fighting style would suit you.

Free Realms: Introducing Briarwood


The Briarwood looks like a peaceful place of delicate plant life. But once past Thistlerow you will need to fight to survive the Snarling Hedges, the Croaking Vale, Grexan's Camp and more!

N.E.O. Online Combat Video


There is no limit to flashy attacks in N.E.O. Online. Join forces and strike out major attacks on your enemies.

Mabinogi Alchemist Update


A new skill is now available: Alchemy. Work on synthesys fragementation, use an amazing water canon or summon your own golem.

Exclusive 4Story Warrior Gameplay


Please meet 4Story's Warrior which is one of the most fascinating race in 4story world. They are strengthened by the fire god Lumapark and a powerful race standing at every front of the continent.

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