War of the Vikings Berserker Spotlight

War of the Vikings introduces a new heavily offensive Berserker class with a powerful frenzy skill to keep the fight going long after their HP bar has dwindled.

Elsword ADD Teaser Trailer

A new character with an unhealthy fascination with all things Nasod (including Eve) is coming soon to Elsword.

WildStar Strain Ultra Drop Flick

Carbine Studios delivers on their promise with a teaser of the upcoming WildStar post-launch content update, The Strain.

Guild Wars 2 Season 1 Recap Trailer

The heroes of Guild Wars 2 have slain the armies of Scarlet Briar, but her legacy has yet finish as a far greater danger lurks in the upcoming Season 2.

BATTLECRY – Reveal Trailer

Battlecry is a 32-player team oriented action game, where gun powder has been banned but the battles are still bloody.

Void Expanse Trailer

A video preview of the gameplay in Void Expanse, from AtomicTorch Studio. This video was taken during the alpha stages of the game’s development cycle.
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