Bomb Buds iOS Launch Trailer


PWE releases their latest mobile title, Bomb Buds, a mobile game following in the Wormz franchise footsteps with intense action gameplay.

Jumping C9 Event Trailer


C9 is offering instant level 50 characters via codes offered through various outlets. Keep an eye on our social networks in case we get a second batch!

Entropy MMO Hostile Takeover Trailer


Sci-fi space MMO Entropy deploys its first major content update featuring conglomerate corporate battles for control of the galaxy’s resources.

SMITE Bastet God Rework Reveal


The Goddess of Cats has received her long awaited rework, featuring a powerful new passive and visual overhaul, making her a premier feline foe in SMITE.

Star Trek Timelines Announcement Trailer


Disruptor Beam, the team behind the highly popular Game of Thrones Ascent, returns to the social gaming genre with Star Trek Timelines.

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