Heroes Evolved: Pandora’s Box

A new system is coming to Heroes Evolved to acquire cosmetic items! It’s ominously titled “Pandora’s Box”! Further details can be found on their site.

Survarium: Weapons and Equipment

Do you have what it takes to learn the weapons and equipment of Survarium? No? Well this video’s here to help you get started!

Edengrad: War Update

War… war never changes. Except I suppose Edengrad‘s just got way more interesting! One of the biggest changes was the increase to exp gained from quests! Need the patch notes? Just click h...

Ashes of Creation: Summer Crowdfunding Announcement

In case you couldn’t donate the last time, the Summer Crowdfunding session is now going for 30 days! People who have already donated can increase their pledge to Ashes of Creation‘s creati...

Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath: Pantheon System

The Pantheon System is new to the Fall of Oriath content in Path of Exile! Acquire a series of divine powers that you can activate, giving you yet another burst of power for your character!

SMITE 4.11 Patch Overview – Code of Chivalry

Fafnir gets an [unfair] nerf, Cu Chulain hits the scene, and the Code of Chivalry event begins! Join Hirez Studios as they give the rundown for 4.11 of SMITE!  Patch notes are here! As a bonus, here ...
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