Warframe Dojo and Dueling E3 Demo

JamesBl0nde takes on Digital Extreme’s Community Director in the new dueling mode and gets schooled on PvP and other elements new to Warframe in their series of 8.0 updates.

Black Gold Online E3 Demo

DizzyPW meets with Snail Games to get our first glimpse of the western version of Black Gold Online at E3 2013!

SMITE Hun Batz God Reveal

SMITE has reworked Wu Kong into a fresh Aztec god with plenty of antics to keep his enemies guessing.

Dragon’s Prophet E3 2013 Demo

JamesBl0nde stops by the Sony Online Entertainment to learn about some of Dragon’s Prophet’s new end game content and zone called Winter Tide which increases the games level cap from 60 to 70.