Pandemic Express Brings Zombie Escape Battle Royale to Life

Pandemic Express has been in development for two years, and now tinyBuild is proud to bring it to life. The premise is simple enough: 30 survivors spawn in a closed train station. One turns into a zombie at random, and the gates open wide. The survivors need to get to the train, looting along the way. Zombies can stop the train by keeping the survivors away from it, killing and infecting anyone they get their hands on.

It was inspired by “Zombie Escape” mods found in Counter-Strike, Halo, and others. It’s if Left 4 Dead’s swarms were actual human players who were initially on the survivors team. There’s also a launch promo going on for the game. It’s 14.99 with a 34% launch discount, and if you own a previous tinyBuild game, you receive an additional 10% off. If that weren’t enough, everyone who buys it in the first three days gets an extra copy for a friend.

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