Pax Nova Enters Early Access

Iceberg Interactive and Greywolfe Entertainment are proud to announce their Sci-Fi 4X strategy title Pax Nova has launched on Steam’s Early Access Program. The Early Access SRP is 24.99, and it will have a 10% launch discount as well to celebrate its launch. Pax Nova is a 4X strategy game where players control the fate of one of several factions, divided by three races. There are new worlds to explore, and star systems to discover, each with their own secrets and dangers. Today’s video also has some tips and tricks aimed at newcomers to Pax Nova, to help them get started.

Iceberg Interactive CEO, Erik Schreuder says, “Knowing the scale of this game and the permutations that go along with that, I believe Pax Nova will be an innovative and exciting addition to any 4X strategy players’ game collections”.

Mike Domingues, lead developer at Greywolf Entertainment on the move to release Pax Nova in Early Access:

“Having developed several games in the past, listening to the community is vital in order to increase player satisfaction and game success. Since Pax Nova is an ambitious achievement, we really want to ensure that we get as much feedback as possible from the community in order to keep developing the game to its complete potential ahead of the full launch”.

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