Pendula Swing Launches First Two Episodes on Steam Today

The roaring twenties await thanks to Valiant Game Studio! Pendula Swing is a fantasy version of the ’20s, filled with elves, goblins, dwarves, and orcs that all co-mingle with humans. This, of course, leads to a disparity between wealth and poverty, prejudice, racism and other stereotypes. The first two episodes of this 3D story-driven adventure are now live on Steam, “Tired and Retired” and “The Old Hero’s New Journey”. These lay out the story of the protagonist, give the background for current events, and the first episode is free! The second is 4.99, with five episodes planned over the course of the next year. The Season Pass is also available for 30% off (normally 24.99, now 17.50) until August 31st. Each of these episodes should take about forty to sixty minutes to complete.

The game is Rendered in the beautiful art deco style made popular in the 1920s. In the first episode, Brialynne Donu Tenum, a once-famous dwarven hero is forced to interrupt her retirement once she discovers an important artifact is stolen. In episode 2, she sets foot into Duberdon for the first time in 400 years and no longer recognizes the world she once called home. Strange music, completely new and flamboyant fashion, fast-moving steel horses as well as goblins and orcs roaming the streets in broad daylight.

“What has already been quite a journey for us begins today for players, and we are so excited to unveil Pendula Swing on Steam,” said Anna Jenelius, CEO and Creative Director of Valiant Game Studio. “We set out to make a game that discusses some of the sensitive social issues that face society, in such a way that players are faced with sometimes difficult choices to progress through the game’s deep storyline.”

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