Pixel Game Maker MV 1.0 To Launch in Q4 2019

Pixel Game Maker MV is a fully-featured 2D game engine from Playism and Kadokawa Corporation and is sister software to the popular RPG Maker series, which has sold more than 2,000,000 copies worldwide. In Q4 2019, Pixel Game Maker MV will arrive with version 1.0, which will offer UI improvements, Steam Workshop support, a free demo version and much more.

The engine’s accessibility allows first-time developers and seasoned creators alike to construct deep games from scratch, without any programming experience. Native engine features include a built-in physics engine, particle effects, support for up to four-person local multiplayer, and the ability to install and create add-ons using JavaScript. Pixel Game Maker MV  will feature more than 15 sample games, with their own assets, licensed for distribution in users games. Some of these were created by Takumi Naramura, lead designer for the La-Mulana franchise.

Pixel Game Maker MV is available via Steam Early Access (Windows only) for $84.99 USD and supports Japanese, English and Simplified Chinese. Upon 1.0’s launch, the price will be set at $99.99 USD.


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