Pre-Registration Begins for Conqueror’s Blade Today

Booming Games opened up registration for their upcoming title, Conqueror’s Blade, a PC “world” sandbox medieval warfare title. It aims to recreate medieval civilizations and showcase their legendary weapons and fighting styles for a massive arena of war where players team up to command mighty armies in pursuit of glory, honor, and territory. To pre-register for the beta, players simply go to this link and click the pop-up “Apply for Beta Test” button on the sidebar, which takes them to the form where they must answer 4 questions and enter their email address. If they are selected, the developers will inform them via email. The ultimate goal is to conquer the world, but are you capable?

You must be willing to wage war against other players in colo/team battles to earn the resources needed to improve your forces. It’s brutal, unforgiving and requires both tactics and skill. Outside of battle, the world of Conqueror’s Blade is comprised of cities and resources. The world provides all the resources players will need to upgrade, like materials to produce a legion. To obtain resources, players must occupy the cities and villages where they are located and defend them, so competition to conquer these areas forms the primary goal for players in the game.

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