Project Genesis Unveiled by 8 Circuit Studios – Space Survival with a Persistent Universe

8 Circuit Studios is a team of gaming industry veterans who are coming together to unveil Project Genesis. Project Genesis is their grand-scale deep-space survival title which is powered by the Etherum Blockchain. They plan to combine FPS gameplay and space combat, to have players piloting giant spacefaring destruction machines, as well as infiltrating the ships of their enemies, all in the pursuit of domination and victory. Project Genesis plans to be set in a persistent universe that’s a part of 8 Circuit Studios’ growing ecosystem, based on their developing Metaverse (a series of interconnected virtual worlds and experiences without boundaries). Players inhabit an A.I. that has learned it must choose between self-sacrifice to save the human race, or set out to embark on its own destiny. This AI’s quest for preservation has players setting out into the stars to defeat other pilots, secure more powerful ships and secure their own survival.

Project Genesis is going to be a perfect fit for gamers looking for an experience that combines intense first-person shooters with white-knuckle third-person space combat,” said Terry Hammer, Producer, of 8 Circuit Studios. “It’s going to be far more than just a space shooter, we are going to push the whole experience by integrating the Ethereum blockchain – allowing players the ability to carry digital assets they earn and acquire, like ships and weapons, into other games.”

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