Project Nimbus: Complete Edition Comes to PC

GameTomo’s Project Nimbus: Complete Edition is now available as of today on Steam, bringing high-flying mecha combat action to the PC. The game has been available in its initial Kickstarter form since 2017, but now PC users can own a remastered version that was on the Nintendo Switch and PS4.

This version contains special enhancements for PC gamers, including mouse, keyboard and gamepad support, detailed visual settings, support for Ultrawide 4K resolution monitors and uncapped framerate, and new Steam achievements. The new WARFRONT mode will also elaborate on the formulas already in the game, by adding multiple objectives and missions to the survival gameplay. In Project Nimbus, three factions fight for control over resources using Battle Frames, which are mighty combat suits with a diverse array of weapons.

“Nimbus fans on PC have wanted to play this new remastered version for a long time, and we’re very happy to bring it to them. We’ve worked closely with original developers GameCrafterTeam to make sure previous buyers get the old and new game on Steam just as they wanted it!” said Reece Scott, CEO of GameTomo.

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