PUBG – Official Playstation 4 Launch – Pan-demonium Trailer

Get ready to shoot for a chicken dinner on Playstation 4! Swing that pan, grab some loot, and jump out of the plane – It’s Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds on PS4!


  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Survivor Pass #3 Trailer

    Survivor Pass #3 in PUBG is called "Wild Card", and it brings dapper suits, cocktail dresses and more to the Battle Royale. Get ready to look your finest o

  • PUBG – Patch Report – PC Update #29

    The latest PUBG update will some loot rebalancing to the Vikendi Map, as well as Tactical Map Markers. With it also comes the end-date of Survivor Pass 3:

  • PUBG – Patch Report: Update #28 and Weapon Mastery Teaser

    The latest update for PUBG is now available, in Update #28. It has a new Weapon Mastery system, which is teased separately, Erangel loot rebalance, bug fix