PUBG – Patch Report – PC Update #26

In this latest update to PUBG on PC, Update #26, they are releasing a rare new item to public matches for the first time. In addition, there will also be two new Vikendi-exclusive vehicles and much more.  The full patch notes can be found here. We also have information on the Improved PUBG Replay Editor below.


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    PUBG has a new feature coming with the "Weapon Mastery" progression system. Master your weapons, and unlock awesome rewards as a result.

  • PUBG – Patch Report – PC Update #30

    Patch 30 is now available for PUBG on PC, and with it comes a new amphibious vehicle (BRDM-2), the new Deagle gun, ledge grabbing, and now Gas Cans explode

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    The Deagle is a new gun coming to Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, which is the strongest pistol damage in the game, with great muzzle velocity. It will be