Raiders Of The Broken Planet New Economy Update

Raiders of the Broken Planet aims to evolve and develop in accordance with the needs of its player. With this in mind, the first major update will change the way a large portion of the players experiences this title. So far Raiders of the Broken Planet has hosted over half a million players. The game consists of a free Prologue and 4 adventure driven campaigns, each priced at €/£/$9.99. Previously, the free Prologue players were not able to access the full economy of the game, while those that purchased the Founders Pack or the Alien Myths campaign were. This is changing. In the latest patch, MercurySteam is opening the in-game economy to all. Players who own or download the free Prologue will not be able to use Gold, Faction Points, and Character Points to unlock new characters, build weapons from blueprints, and unveil the in-game lore. They will have full access to all the games features within said prologue. Players who go on to purchase Alien Myths, will be able to experience the first epic story of season one, and add the lethal sniper Shae – the campaign’s exclusive character – to their ranks.

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