RAYZE Reveal Trailer

RAYZE is a genre-defying hyper-paced music-filled first-person skillrunner. Godlike FPS precision & superhuman reflexes are welcome, but not required. Welcome to your new casually hardcore obsession. Adrenaline rushing, dopamine pumping, electronic pulse beating! 3.. 2.. 1.. Let’s RAYZE!

■ master each course one bite-size FPS speed-run at a time, and best other RAYZERS
■ discover dozens of beautiful, minimal courses designed to challenge you with each RAYZE
■ experience a dopamine rush every few seconds and feel your heart RAYZEING
■ practice your aim, reflexes, and spatial orientation to achieve RAZE GREATNEZ
■ space-out to the beat of all-original electronic soundtrack, the RAYZE RAVE

Got a free minute? You’ve got time for a few runs!
Get ready 3.. 2.. 1.. Let’s RAYZE!

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