RE-Legion Announces Late January 2019 Release Date

1C Entertainment announced following their showing at Pax South, that Re-Legion is ready to launch this month on Steam. The big day is January 31st, 2019, for 19.99. To celebrate this, 1C is offering a 10% discount through the first two weeks of release. Re-Legion is a top-down isometric RTS where players can become a prophet in a technocratic society. In it, they define their own belief system and convert citizens to their cause. .. and then upgrade them to fight to rid the city of non-believers.

In addition to the launch date, the company also revealed Re-Legion official soundtrack details today, with the complete techno-driven OST with 15 tracks available for $3.99 (10% off at launch for $3.59) on Steam. A digital art book will also be available for $2.99 (discounted at launch to $2.69), and fans can purchase the Re-Legion Deluxe Editionbundling together the game, the OST, and art book for $22.65 (€19.88), available at launch for 10% off the bundle price ($20.39 / €17.89).

Game Features:
  • Unique RTS mechanic where new units are acquired by converting citizens into followers
  • Vivid futuristic cyberpunk visuals and dark atmosphere
  • Mature story that offers profound background and moral choices
  • Build your own cult using an original Dogmas system that ensures replayability
  • Special territory control mechanics incorporating hacking techniques

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