Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Launches Today

Double Damage Games released their latest games exclusively onto the Epic Game Store today for 29.99: Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw brings players into a retro-future, steeped in blue-collar Americana.  The prequel to 2015’s Rebel Galaxy, players control Juno Markev, an outlaw and smuggler who has gone straight. After settling down, an encounter in a shady watering hole winds up going bad. In debt to an old friend, it’s time to get out of a sticky situation. The game also features a unique AUtopursuit feature, to make space combat accessible to everyone, not just veterans. Players can gamble for cash and equipment in the game, in a variety of mini-games: 8-ball, dice poker, slot machines, and arcade games.

Slide into your cockpit, switch on the Subspace Radio and listen to one of 7 stations with over 21 hours of music, DJs, and commercials – and full support for custom soundtracks. There are sketchy characters to meet, different playstyles, and a full single-player story, with plenty to do, and money to make. Today’s video offers an introduction to this new game, and should not be missed.

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