Re:Legend To Enter Early Access in August

Re:Legend is an upcoming multiplayer JRPG, which revealed that on August 30th, it will enter Steam’s Early Access program. This JRPG-simulator hybrid will combine farming and life simulation, with fun monster-raising mechanics. If that weren’t enough, it’s also going to be multiplayer, where players build an expand their village in life-simulation activities.

Set in the world of Ethia, players awake as a legendary hero washed ashore on Vokka Island with no memories. Players must revive their hero, and find ways to remember the forgotten past. By learning how to survive – cultivating the land, breeding and catching fish, befriending inhabitants and so much more. The Early Access program will let players access the game in the final phases of development, to help shape the final game content. During Early Access, additional biomes will be made available, leading towards the 1.0 launch. Re:Legend will also be available at a special price during Early Access, 19.99 USD.

Key Features of Re:Legend Include:

  • Create your hero to fit your personal taste with a plethora of customization options
  • Tame and grow your Magnus, impacting their evolution into powerful creatures
  • Farm the land and the sea by cultivating crops, catching fish and maintaining fisheries
  • Fight menacing enemies with a variety of crafted weapons and your Magnus
  • Master your skills through practice, with skillsets including logging, crafting, combat and more
  • Socialize with villagers, join festivals, make new friends and even find love
  • Play by yourself in single-player mode or with up to four friends in multiplayer co-op mode

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