Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Goes Green With Toy Soldier Christmas Special

Remember those buckets of little green army soldiers you’d get for Christmas? Well, if you’re in my generation, you probably do. Tripwire Interactive, Antimatter Games and Green Army Men Team announced a special toy-sized update to Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. The “Green Army Men Christmas Special” update begins today and runs through the first week of January 2019. Players will get all of the gritty and tactical 64-player matches they love with a brand new Christmas-themed map, where the players control tiny toy soldiers, vying for control over fortresses across a cozy-looking home, decorated for the holidays.

The Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – Green Army Men Christmas Special update is available for free to all players who own the game. In addition, as part of today’s update, players can also look forward to a free Seasonal M1 Helmet and a host of seasonal themed achievements. And, of course, all the normal Vietnam content will remain available to all players, in case you’ve had too much festivity and need to run through the jungle some more!

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