Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV Reveals New Gameplay Footage

KOEI TECMO released a new video today, showing off the new domestic and battle tactics available in the upcoming Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV on February 28th, 2020. This next chapter in the Sanguoyanyi will come to the PS4 and PC via Steam. One of the fun changes to RTKXIV, is that battles can take place anywhere, with no boundaries. The entire map is a potential grand battleground. Whether you’re on the waters of the Yangtze or bringing rams and catapults to bear on Chengdu, you can do battle where you please. Players can also try to claim the major rivers (Yangtze, Yellow) as part of their territory.

Nothing is more important than holding territory, and once you control an area, you can use an “Area Overseer”, who will be tasked with advancing the development of the land in order to increase revenue (income, commerce, agriculture, et al). This is a terrific update because it will simplify the later parts of the game, where territorial expansion is key. It will be important to choose the right officer, with appropriate stats and abilities. For example: Those with a high charm statistic or the fame characteristic, and who are proficient in domestics, can become a force to reckoned with.

Gates will also be important, such as the legendary Hulao Gate, which guards Luoyang on its eastern frontier. Some of these new domains will have major cities and gates in them, and controlling these will be crucial to expansion. While it is pivotal for players to develop areas within domain, it is also important to use ally land to construct an assortment of buildings and obstacles to defend and attack from incoming foes. A variety of structures can be put up, from Arrow Towers (attack enemy units nearby automatically), and Camps (use fewer supplies in longer campaigns). Stone Soldiers will lower enemy morale, and that’s just a few of the items that will be available.

Strategic construction can allow players to re-create famous moments from The Three Kingdoms – set-up a long string of fire trap obstacles and carry out a large-scale fire attack like Lu Xun did at the Battle of Yiling.

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