Rune II is Now Available

The original RUNE arrived 20 years ago, and with it came a brutal hack-and-slash experience. It’s time to head back to Midgard with RUNE II!  Human Head Studios released their latest title on the Epic Games Store today for 29.99.

Whether you play alone or with friends, Loki’s minions await, ready to demolish anyone who wishes to save Midgard. From the undead Draugr, beasts, or even giants, you must meet them in gruesome melee combat. There are artifacts to collect, weapons to forge, and weird things to eat.

Human Head’s co-founder Chris Rhinehart had this to say about their release:

“Our dedicated fanbase has kept Rune alive and we are indebted to them as they are essential partners who have helped us build Rune II. Thank you for those who have stuck with us during this journey of more than 20 years. We set out to build upon the Rune franchise as an homage to the original while adding new elements like modern combat mechanics and Unreal 4’s visual capabilities that we hope will exceed the expectations of today’s gamers.”

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