More Runes Of Magic Videos

  • VanCanto: Magic Tabora

    VanCanto, the resident band of Runes of Magic, presents their latest song: Magic Taborea

  • Warnorken Castle Trailer

    Warnorken Castle is the latest content update of the third chapter of Runes of Magic.

  • RoM: Chapter III – The Elder Kingdoms

    True Heroes can overcome even the darkest of nightmares.

  • John MacGregor

    I’ve never played an MMORPG before. I’ve tried to find a site that explains the basics. I have trundled around in the howling mountains for a few nights but I am not sure how I change weapons/ how to pick up items/do I need to worry about items in the various camps for example all the crates around… can they be opened or are they just decoration. Everyone and every site associated with the game seems to assume I will have basic knowledge of MMORPG games. Perhaps there is an easier game to start with. Help?