Satisfactory Announces Much Anticipated Closed Alpha Date

Purveyors of fine video games such as Goat Simulator, Sanctum, and Deep Rock Galactic, Coffee Stain, have announced the launch date of their closed alpha for the upcoming Satisfactory, which looks like a delicious blend of Factorio and No Man’s Sky.

The alpha is going to start with a mere 200 people, and will be focused on the first hour of game-play initially. As time progresses and bugs are found and fixed, more people will be added, and the focus will likewise expand. The initial phases of the alpha will also be single player, but with full intention of a segue into multiplayer in the near future. Late game technologies will also be hidden away, so as not to spoil the entire game. Coffee stain is placing a ‘soft NDA’, meaning they request that you not share any digital media, but you can talk about it to your partner.

Coffee Stain intends to launch the alpha October 17th, but with the caveat that it may get pushed back if unforeseen circumstances occur. You can sign up for the alpha at the Satisfactory main website.

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