Shards of Infinity’s Mobile Beta Test Begins

Shards of Infinity from Temple Gates Games is arriving on mobile platforms today as well as Steam for a Beta Test. This is to prepare for the full launch of the game and is on iOS, Android and PC. Each platform has a different approach to the beta: iOS has a free beta, but the game must be purchased to continue after the beta test. Steam has “Early Access”  where the player pays for the beta, and they own the game after release. Android’s system is similar to Steam, where you purchase the beta and receive the game when it arrives. Interested parties can sign-up at this link.

Shards of Infinity is a 2-4 player deckbuilder with 128 cards, that features both Network Multiplayer and local pass-and-play features. You can also tackle the game solo against the AI. Players build armies by recruiting allies and champions across four factions. There are limitless possibilities, and a wealth of tactical decisions to be made in a deckbuilder like Shards of Infinity.

Shards of Infinity is the second mobile board game release for Temple Gates Games, coming on
the heels of the award winning Race for the Galaxy app. “The reason to play a board game on
your phone is to take advantage of digital-only features,” says Theresa Duringer, CEO of Temple
Gates Games, “including AI, automated setup and score keeping, and the ability to play with
friends remotely. Our goal is to nail these with lickety split performance.” The AI for Shards of
Infinity is an extension of Keldon Jones’ AI for Race for the Galaxy, which uses neural networks to
create challenging opponents.

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