Sigma Theory: Global Cold War Announces Release Date

Mi-Close Studio announced today that their near-future spy simulation game Sigma Theory: Global Cold War launches on Steam on April 18th, 2019. It is presently in the private beta stage, and lets players set up their own intelligence agency. Players will recruit spies, seduce, bribe, and assassinate their way to total global dominion. In this turn-based single-player title, the world has fallen into a new Cold War, after a scientific discovery that will forever alter the course of humanity’s destiny. Heavily inspired by real-life events; and shaped by the hands-on intelligence experience of the developers who previously created the award-winning Out There, Sigma Theory allows for a fascinating glimpse into a near-future that is closer to reality than many would think.

Access to drones, hacking, and other exciting tools is key to eliminating hostile agents, and players will send their spies on a wide variety of missions around the globe to engage in diplomacy, acquire technology, and convince scientists to join your cause. A mix of tactical and strategic turn-based gameplay, Sigma Theory’s dynamic story will change depending on the player’s choices, allowing for multiple distinct endings.

Preordering Sigma Theory at this link will give immediate access to the private beta.

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