Sky Noon: Pinnacle Update Now Available

The first content update for “knockout” shooter Sky Noon is officially live today – Pinnacle! This update features the all-new ice map, ‘Pinnacle’, which introduces challenging ice physics into the game. Duels have also come to the game, adding the intense, thrilling 1 vs. 1 western duel to the game across three specially designed maps. Discord Rich Presence and new gameplay options including friendly fire and gravity sliders add new levels of insane fun for this Smash-style first-person shooter.

Sky Noon Pinnacle Update Features:
  • New Pinnacle Ice Map: Located at the top of Floating Frontier, don’t be fooled by the cool-looking Pinnacle Map where slippery ice physics will make it easier to knock opponents – and yourself – off the edge!
  • Duels: Got a score to settle with a hateful hombre? Or maybe a friendly face-off with a friendly kemosabe? Jump into Duels, a special one-on-one gunfight, and select from three maps tailored for the mode to see who is the quickest and who falls the furthest.
  • Discord Rich Presence: Gamers can now share their current status from SkyNoon on Discord and can soon organize matches.
  • Additional Gameplay Options: Friendly fire, gravity, and time shift on hit are some of the new play options available to further enhance the Sky Noon hilarity.

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    Grapple you way across sky-high stages pushing poor souls to their death, yehaw partner!