Song of Horror Announces Release Date

Song of Horror is an upcoming survival horror title coming to Steam on perhaps the most appropriate date of all: October 31st, 2019. This thrilling paranormal story throws in permadeath, just to make things even more harrowing, alongside the hair-raising story. Players control one of thirteen characters to piece together the final moments of writer Sebastian P. Husher’s life. This is a man who has gone missing, alongside his family, without any rhyme or reason attached to the event.

When a character dies, they die forever, and the next character will pick up where the dead one left off, but with a new perspective on the story. This should add a great deal to the thrill and challenge, while the player attempts to deal with The Presence. This is an A.I. controlled opponent that learns from the player’s play style and adapts to counter it. Song of Horror is split into several episodes, with the first two coming on launch day.

Carlos Grupeli, founder of Protocol Games, the studio behind Song of Horror had this to say:

“The Presence watches the player. As the player enters The Presence’s territory, it responds to the intrusion and continues to respond in answer to the player’s actions. However, even if you do exactly the same thing, it will respond differently. You have no control over it because it plays by its own rules. The fun part of testing this game – even though we’ve played it about 400 times – is that sometimes even now the damn thing still manages to scare us.”

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