SpellForce 3: Versus Free Multiplayer Trailer

Versus is coming!

The free-to-play version of SpellForce 3 will allow players to participate in the newly introduced ranked multiplayer and skirmish against AI opponents.

In SpellForce 3: Versus, you will be able to play either Humans, Orcs or Elves – and your faction will be randomly chosen for you when you start the game for the first time – once an Orc, always an Orc! While fighting against other users of SpellForce 3: Versus, you can also face players from the expansions Fallen God and Soul Harvest – there will be just one big SpellForce 3 player base. SpellForce 3: Versus will have NO microtransactions, NO advertisement or any other common free-to-play mechanic.

Additionally, there will be Multiplayer Upgrade Pack available, allowing you to choose from each of the six different SpellForce factions: Humans, Orcs, Elves, Dwarves, Dark Elves, and Trolls.

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