Squad Offers New Modding Tools and Reveal Canadian Faction

Squad launches a new feature today with Modding 2.0, which offers the latest generation of modding tools for the team-based shooter. To celebrate this, Squad is free this weekend, starting today and running until July 28th, 2019. This is the perfect time for interested parties to see what their community are capable of. A new faction also joins the game soon, available as a free DLC. The Canadian Armed Forces began as a mod, and are coming to the game as an official faction. They will add additional weapons, vehicles and more, as well as a pair of maps. Quebec and Nanisivik will come to the game and feature snowy environments, built for intense combined-arms combat.

“We knew the moment we saw the Canadian Armed Forces that it was going to be something special. It was only natural for us to reach out and give them the support they needed to continue creating quality work,” Dustin Ross, Director of Customer Experience at Offworld Industries. “Offworld Industries lives and dies by our community so we want to ensure they have the tools they need to succeed. With the launch of Modding 2.0, we’re positive Canadian Armed Forces will be the first of many great community projects we will incorporate into Squad.”

Showcasing what Squad’s new modding SDK can do in Space Crew — a total conversion mod inspired by classic sci-fi thrillers. Players take the role of a Survivor who must work carefully with their team to solve puzzles and survive. Make a wrong move, and they’ll become prey to a menacing creature known only as the Raptor. Space Crew is available to play later today by subscribing on the Steam Workshop or joining a server running the mod.

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