Star Control: Origins Free Multiverse DLC & v1.1 Updates Go Live

Stardock Entertainment released their free Multiverse DLC today alongside update 1.1, for their open-universe space adventure, Star Control: Origins. The Multiverse DLC includes access to the Multiverse option on the main menu of Star Control: Origins, which is where players will be able to download mods from others in the Steam community and apply them to their game. This is also where players are able to share their mods with others. Using their modding guide will let players access the Adventure Builder. This lets players create a quest that spans the galaxy, complete with custom characters, dialogue options and more. The ship and building editors let players create the assets for these quests and make them as unique as they desire.

Along with the Multiverse DLC comes Star Control: Origins v1.1. This update includes improvements to gameplay, graphics, and game balancing. Several other enhancements, including a new quest line, new voices for Free Trandals, and improved rover physics, have also been included.

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