Steel Division 2 Now Available for Pre-Order

Set during Operation Bagration on the Eastern Front, in the summer of 1944, Steel Division 2 brings tactical World War II action back to life. Steel Division 2 delivers new 1:1 scale Dynamic Strategic Campaigns, where players command entire armies during Operation Bagration, which covers the Soviet counter-attack against Axis forces in Byelorussia. Eugen Systems announced today that Steel Division 2 (sequel to Steel Division: Normandy 44) is available to pre-order on their official website, Gamesplanet, Humble Bundle, and soon to Steam and Amazon.

Players who pre-order any edition of Steel Division 2 are guaranteed access to the Steel Division 2 Beta, which is scheduled for early 2019. It will let players try an early build of the game, ahead of the launch date. ll pre-order editions of Steel Division 2 also include two exclusive cosmetic Aces, Camos, and more. Eugen Systems is also proud to announce that all players who purchase any edition of Steel Division 2 can look forward to 10 free DLC scheduled to release within one year of Steel Division 2’s upcoming launch.

In addition, players who pre-order the Commander Deluxe Edition, General Deluxe Edition, or Total Conflict Edition can also look forward to 48-hours of early access to the game ahead of its worldwide launch.

Notable Steel Division 2 Pre-order Bonuses Include:

2 Exclusive Aces:  An Ace is a famous and successful military professional who has accomplished remarkable feats, such as a number of aircraft shot down or a number of successful sniper shots. In terms of gameplay, an Ace is a cosmetic model that replaces an existing unit in the game. It has the exact same characteristics as the unit it replaces and will not offer any pay-to-win advantages.

Players who pre-order Steel Division 2 can look forward to receiving Ace Ivan Nikitovich Kozhedub with his La-5FN “14” fighter aircraft, the “Ace of Aces” – and Ace Ludwig Neigle with his Nashorn tank destroyer.

2 Exclusive Camos: A Camo is a military camouflage skin applied on units. In Steel Division 2, Camos are military themed and designed with historical authenticity in mind. Players who pre-order Steel Division 2 can expect two exclusive Camos to customize units.

2 Exclusive Wallpapers: Update your desktops with two exclusive wallpapers, featuring unforgettable moments inspired by heroic moments featured in Steel Division 2.

Steel Division 2 Key Features:
  • Brand-new turn-based Dynamic Strategic Campaigns
  • New setting, the Eastern Front, with the mighty Red Army and Axis powers
  • Over 600 historically accurate units across 18 new divisions
  • Realistic battlefields spread across 25 different maps
  • Substantial changes to the deck building mechanics
  • New, realistic art direction to deliver a more immersive visual style
  • Revamped combat offering a more refined tactical experience
  • Host of game modes, offline and online, including co-op and massive 10v10 multiplayer battles

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