Steel Division 2 Receives New Army General Mode Trailer

Steel Division 2 revealed a new game mode for the upcoming strategy title from Eugen Systems – Army General Mode. Focusing on Baranovichi (the fourth campaign in the game), players can choose to control the German or Red army in a single-player, turn-based mode.

The date is July 3, 1944. The German Army finally received reinforcements to set up a defense to stop the Red Army’s progression. But Hitler ordered a counterattack toward Stowbtsy to reopen the road to Minsk. The player objective is to hold Stowbtsy and capture Baranovichi. Today’s video shows a closer look at how the turn-based strategy will work in this 1:1 recreation of World War II theaters of war. It also features a detailed look at selecting battalions, choosing formations, spending action points and other tactical elements.

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