Stellaris: Federations – Expansion Teaser and Lithoids Species Pack

The Art of War teaches that true victory in battle is to subdue your foes without fighting. This is evident in the next Stellaris expansion, Federations. Diplomacy will be used to gain dominion like never before. This was revealed during PDXCON2019 and will have some fantastic new content like expanded Federations. You can join Trade Leagues, Martial Alliances, or Hegemony. Galactic Communities, new constructions and so much more are coming.

Stellaris also announced a new Species Pack, the Lithoids. The Lithoids Species pack offers up a new rock-based form of life, who are looking for a more grounded civilization. The Lithoids offer up a new style of gameplay focused on mineral production, colonization of any world they can get their hands on, and vigorously defending that territory. It will feature new, unique mechanics for the Lithoid Empires, 15 new Portraits of the Lithoids, and 1 of a LIthoid Robot, new Mineral-based ships, and a new Voice Pack.

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