STONE, Hip-Hop Noir-themed Story Adventure Debuts Today

In what could be the most interesting combination ever, STONE, the Hip-Hop Noir-themed Story officially launches today. Stone is the world’s worst PI (Private Investigator) Koala, and after receiving a mysterious message about his “chookie” Alex, Stone is out to scour Oldtown to find Alex before it’s too late. The player can also use a “Soft Touch” or “Hard Touch” when interrogating other characters about Alex’s disappearance.

In STONE players can also indulge in several other ‘stoner-inspired’ activities. Chop up funky
beats on a MIDI pad, have a drink and a smoke, groove to some underground techno, and even
watch full-length public domain classic films such as Night of the Living Dead and Haxan:
Witchcraft Through the Ages at Oldtown’s cinema. Players can enjoy
STONE’s heavily-curated soundtrack of licensed tracks from upcoming indie artists as they
explore Oldtown. With artists including Ryan Little, Ilkka S, Color Dolor, Noah Kin, Warchief and
many more. Here’s the Spotify playlist of the official soundtrack:

“STONE may not be for everyone, but it’s overflowing with references and inspiration that we
know will resonate with many that share our affinity for underground art.”

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