Street Fighter V: Kage Release/Series Introduction Trailer

Kage means “Shadow” in Japanese, and it’s a fitting name for the next character to join the cast of Street Fighter V, as of last night. At the end of this year’s Capcom Cup, Kage, the embodiment of “Satsui” arrived in the game. Satsui is a powerful spirit, born out of human’s obsession with power.  He is the first new character coming in this season and is available for 5.99, or 100,000 Fight Money.

Kage is the physical embodiment of the evil spirit, “Satsui no Hado,” that could hypothetically overtake Ryu and turn him into the character Evil Ryu. Street Fighter V fans will recall Ryu overcame the “Satsui no Hado” in the General Story against Necalli and regained control of his former self. “Satsui no Hado” is now back, and instead of overtaking Ryu’s body has now found a way to manifest into its own physical form.

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