Sword Art Online: Lost Song Multiplayer Preview Trailer

Sword Art Online franchise at last introduces a game with multiplayer elements in Lost Song.

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  • May00113


  • Luna

    ahhhhhhhhh, omg, i need it now!!!!!!

  • Royeth Lee Priniel Antonio

    Wow Nice Games so very cool ^_^ Plz link the game for how to Download Thanks

  • Joshua Kneer

    is it only for the playstation? or will it be available for the pc? because if this is gonna be a PS only game, then words will not portray how pissed a decent majority of us without a PS4/Vita will be.

  • EthanWolf

    I’ll be patient but could you email me when the release date comes out for pc if its out please post in email and is there gonna be some sort of beta cause that would make it feel real thanks I also will wait as long as I need to I’m just curious of the release date lol I hope it’s not to much to ask for 🙂

  • EthanWolf

    Oh and is it gonna come with the head gear like net gear or what ever but if it has a micro wave in it I’d rather not know lol cause that would be bad lol thanks 🙂

  • Joshua Kneer

    also, though i know that i will love the shit out of this game, the aforementioned permadeath feature is gonna SUCK! like drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth