Sword Art Online: The Beginning JP Announcement Trailer

IBM sponsors a new proof of contest VR test to recreate some of the elements needed to build out an actual Sword Art Online style MMORPG. News shared via MMOCulture.

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  • Cly J White II

    if this is another prank SAO fans might just have to lash out in anger

    • Draco Angelus

      huh? were you watching what I was watching?
      ^ lol the april fool’s was for way back then…now we actually have a company working on making this real though I expect this to take way long…but apparently later in march in tokyo….100 or so participants are supposed to be allowed to test a alpha version to a SAO game that is in the works…this time…in VR :O

      • xMagus

        its oke 🙂 alpha finished by now so all we got to make sure is to make it into the beta to become beaters!

        • Draco Angelus

          We shall meet face to face(virtually) as beaters next time!!
          Then we’ll get locked into the game by kayaba akihiko and be unable to log out for years! Guess we should make sure to tell people to watch over us :O