Tales of the Neon Sea Ready for a July 31st Kickstarter Campaign

Up-and-Coming Indie publisher based in China, Zodiac Interactive are starting their Kickstarter campaign on July 31st to fund their first point-and-click adventure. It’s titled Tales of the Neon Sea and developed by Palm Pioneer. Tales of the Neon Sea if a cyberpunk pixel art point-and-click detective adventure set in a future where skyscrapers and neon lights draw lovely aesthetics across the cityscape. Humans and robots are contending with one another as tensions continue to rise. Mutual distrust is rampant, and the player will have to explore each neighborhood in town and unveil the plot through dialogue with the characters that are met. Interested parties can find the Kickstarter link here, and specific platforms and definitive release dates will be announced in the future.

“The setting in Tales of the Neon Sea is inspired in sci-fi movie classics such as Blade Runner ”, says Xuan Li, co-founder at Zodiac Interactive. “Old-school point-and-click fans will be delighted with its pixelated visual style and its electro soundtrack which perfectly suit the steampunk universe involving this game”.

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