Tanglewood Released Today on Steam and SEGA Mega Drive Cartridge

Turns out the SEGA Mega Drive is alive and well! Tanglewood releases today not only on Steam, but on a SEGA cartridge, complete with old-school box. British independent games studio, Big Evil Corporation released their debut game, a puzzle-platformer, Tanglewood. It’s an authentic 16-bit adventure for Steam, which is available for 17.99. The cartridge version can be found here for 54.00 pounds. Tanglewood was inspired by the SEGA’s classic sidescrollers from Virgin, such as The Lion King and Aladdin, mixed with a certain Blue Hedgehog.

The player controls the fox-like Nymn, who is lost in the dark and dangerous wilds of the Tanglewood. Nymn is desperate to return to his family pack and must survive being hunted by several dangerous beasts. Other creatures, however, will assist Nymn, providing color-changing power-ups to help him on his journey home. Expect chases, puzzles, tricks, and traps, demanding boss fights and many surprises along the way.

Unlike older games, the Mega Drive version of Tanglewood is playable on PAL, NTSC and NTSC-J consoles. The Steam version of the game includes the Mega Drive ROM file, allowing flash cartridge owners to play it on original SEGA hardware.

“My aim for Tanglewood was to create it in the same way as my favourite games from my childhood,” says Phillips. “This idea has been brewing since I was nine years old – the kid in me has long wanted to see my very own Mega Drive box on a store shelf!

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